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Patient Reviews for Nielson Family Chiropractic

What Our Patients Say…

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Nielson Family Chiropractic patient testimonials below and please email me or contact the office if you have any questions. Yours in Health, Dr. Chad Nielson

  • Very attentive staff, well informed and helpful.
    - L.F.
  • Your team were awesome thank you so much
    - K.D.
  • Will definitely get my wife and kids brought in.
    - M.M.
  • Dr. Chad is very knowledgeable and thorough. He knew exactly what to do to get me back in shape! He has also treated my kids over the last couple of years, with excellent results. I highly recommend him. Thank you!
    - J.C.
  • I’m excited to see what they can do for the pain I have been having in my side. The first visit was a big help and I can’t wait for the next one to see the difference. My wife is also glad to have me back to normal.
    - B.M.
  • I’m so happy to find a chiropractor that includes AMIT into his treatment procedures. I know this will help my overall health needs. I find Dr Nielson to be knowledgeable and an expert in his field. The staff is friendly and helpful. I look forward to more treatments and less pain.
    - P.B.
  • They were great. I had a very good experience and I would recommend this place to everyone. Very happy.
    - T.D.
  • My first experience at a chiropractor and I am sold! Totally love this office and all their staff!
    - B.W.
  • Nice people, very friendly, a doctor that listens is very helpful. Thank you!!!!
    - R.M.
  • I’m excited for my 2nd visit and eager to learn what my scan has to say and to get on my way to a healthier me. Also to get another work-over, as the 1st treatment relieved some of my pain and I’m sure after my next visit I will feel even better.
    - C.J.
  • The office people are very friendly and helpful, the doctors appear to be caring, and they are willing to work you in, if necessary, with not a long wait.
    - P. A.
  • Wish I would have come sooner! 1 visit and I feel so much better!! Everything that was going to be done was thoroughly explained and I felt so comfortable the entire visit!
    - B.J.
  • Great experience, I was feeling better even before leaving the office!
    - P.B.
  • I felt very comfortable in the office, all of the staff where very friendly and helpful.
    - K.B.
  • Dr. Chad and his staff are very friendly and welcoming. Everything was explained to me and they made sure I was comfortable and answered any questions I had.
    - K.G.

Truly a Family Practice

Very happy to have found this Family Chiropractic center! We're new to the area and were in need of some Chiropractic Care when we came across Nielson Family Chiropractic on the internet. My wife and I both became patients, so without question, they are truly a Family Practice! The Staff here is Awesome! Never felt rushed or pressured, just really great people who are genuinely concerned about your care. Dr. Chad is a true practitioner of the Healing Arts. We're so glad to have found the "Oasis of Healing and Better Health!

-Brad R.

Great Experience

Great experience. All the staff were amazing. Louie gave me a great massage and got my muscles loosened up and Dr Chad quickly got my spine and rib back in place. This was my first time getting a professional massage and visiting a chiropractor and I will be visiting again.

-Rick. F.

I was Really Impressed

I had really high hopes going into this visit because of our referral. I loved everything about my visit and I feel like everybody that helped me was friendly and took the time for us. Kind of hard to find these days. I was really impressed with how thorough the doctor was and how he recommended holistic treatments. Definitely will recommend your services to others!

-Daniel N.

Super Friendly and Professional

I was super pleased with my visit to Nielson Chiropractic. My back has been bothering me for several months now and after a very thorough explanation and then some adjustments and pressure point techniques my back is back to normal after just one visit. The staff was super friendly and the doctor was super friendly and professional as well. Thank you for a great experience!!!

-Nathan P.

What a Phenomenal Team of Professionals!

I am grateful for their flexibility in working with my availabity where possible, to fit me into their schedule. The extensive use of current technology is impressive and they each took time to help me understand each process and provide suggestions on things I can do at home to support continued improvements. It's clear they have a passion for people and truly care about providing outstanding care to bring their patients pain relief and longterm healing. I am so thankful for the friend who referred me to them and only wish I'd found them sooner!!!

-Audrea L.

Fantastic Experience

I appreciate your office staff working very hard to get me in quickly for an injury. I was added on in the evening and Dr Nielson stayed late and did not act like he was rushed or irritated. My experience with your office has been fantastic!

-Nichole H.

Absolutely Love The Adjustment

I absolutely loved that I got much more than just an alignment. I received information on how to live a healthier life, maintain health and prevention. I got to nerd out, hard, and was thrilled that all information was shared with me so that I could understand the hows and whys!

-Monique A.

Wonderful Experience

Shanna was wonderful, I was very nervous and she made me feel extremely comfortable and supported. I was injured in the past by a chiropractor and it was extremely difficult for me to get on that table again. Dr. Chad was great, he was a good listener and explained everything to me in detail without talking down to me or making light of my fears. I had a wonderful experience and made another appointment for next week! Thank you Shanna & Dr. Chad!

-Jacki D.

Very Pleased

I was very pleased with my visit, and I intend to continue to receive care with this practice. I haven't walked correctly for years due to an injury to my knee which somehow forced my foot to turn outward when I walked. That made walking both painful and dangerous. After the first appointment, I found that my stride had improved already. Looking forward to more improvement.

- Kay M.

I Feel Much Better Than I Have In Years!

I had a great experience, overall! It would have been nice if it had been a little more prompt. It seemed like there was a lot going on and we all get behind from time to time so it's not the end of the world, but I do keep a very busy schedule so beginning an appointment 15 minutes after it is scheduled is challenging for me. However, once it got going everything was great! I really appreciated the girl (I am horrible with names) who did my initial exam. She was extremely helpful and explained everything in depth to me. Chad was really good about that as well, and I really appreciated that extra attention to detail. The technology really makes it easy for a lay person to understand exactly what is going on, and no one used complicated jargon that I had to research to understand what was happening. After just one adjustment I already feel much better than I have in years!

- Meghan C.

Felt At Ease

Dr. Chad Nielson was very friendly and instantly made me feel at ease. He thoroughly explained my injury and my treatment path. The entire staff at Neilson Family Chiropractic is friendly, and I appreciate being greeted by my first name when I come in.

- Jen O.

On the Way to Healing

We've spent over $5,000 trying to figure out what was wrong with my sons back. After 10 minutes, Chad had him diagnosed and finally on his way to healing. We left the first appointment feeling more confident then we have in 3 years. Thank you so much!

- Cayden H.

I Felt Heard

I felt like I was actually being heard. This is the first time I feel like the provider knows what he's treating instead of guessing. In past physical therapy treatments, I felt as though they were only guessing as to what the problem was. Thank you so much!

- Vanessa C.

Amazing Team

I am so grateful for the care and treatment that I have received by this amazing team of health care professionals. Their knowledge and use of many healing modalities all under one roof simply astounded me. I am bringing my whole family in now.

- Dawn M.

I feel great!

I have been dealing with fairly frequent earaches. My regular doctor just kept prescribing antibiotics and warned that the next time I came in I would need to get the next level of antibiotics. Tried an adjustment and had relief from the pain by that night and it hasn't come back! I feel great!

- Angel P.

Noticeable Results!

We deeply enjoyed speaking with the practitioner, Shanna I believe. After talking about many things, I was very sure I was where I needed to be, as I have been fairly skeptical of chiropractics to this point. Dr. Nielson was also, kind, gentle and sincere. I honestly had noticeable results that day. Thank you.

- Trena E.

Affordable Chiropractic Care

The time for the first visit was longer than I expected but they did a lot of testing to know how to better serve me. The cost is a win win for all you get done and the care your shown. I was not expecting all the testing but I get why they want to do it. The staff was friendly and knew what needed to happen to get me back on my feet. It's great to finally have some chiropractic Care that is affordable and a staff who knows the true value in why they come to work every day. Thank you Dr. Chad and team!

-Michelle W.

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