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Nutrition Care for Twin Falls at Nielson Family Chiropractic

Our patients come to see us for many reasons. First to correct subluxations and turn on muscles, and second to seek nutritional support and advice. Dr. Chad and his staff are big advocates for clean/green eating and supplementation. Dr. Chad will address nutritional deficiencies and suggest specific supplementation when he feels the patient needs it.

Nutrition Products and Practices

We carry Standard Process products – a Whole Food Company devoted to improving the quality of life by providing the safest, most effective, highest-quality dietary supplements through health care professionals.

Dr. Chad and his Chiropractic Assistant are also certified to perform the MFT, Morphogenic Field Technique. Through a series of Muscle Testing, MFT specializes in the development of specific nutritional protocols that are matched to the patient’s energy signature, which we call the Morphogenic Field. A nutritional plan of supplementation is put together for the patient. These supplements feed the body what it needs and allows the body to heal and regain optimal health.

In addition to Standard Process, we also carry:

Detox and Purify

We offer the 21-Day Detox/Purification Kit to help our patients cleanse and feel better.

Patients who do the cleanse will also receive weekly BMI checks. We also have a Standard Process Cleanse Cookbook that will walk you through every single day of the cleanse and includes delicious recipes.

Treating the Whole Patient for Overall Wellness

We find that patients eat too many refined and processed foods, most of which have little nutritional value. They don’t eat enough fresh, garden foods that are naturally high in nutrients–vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients that help the body thrive and maintain health. Most patients will benefit from supplementing their diet in order to bridge this nutritional gap. Clinical nutrition and the relationship between food and a healthy body are more important than every. As we see the rise in diabetes, heart disease, obesity, kidney failure, and thyroid disease (to name a few) we do everything we can to educate the patient on the importance of food and nutrition.

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