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New PatientTestimonials:

  • Great first experience :D

    - L.A.
  • It was great to feel like they may be able to help me with my problems. Chad has a wonderful personality and an awesome staff.

    - V.T.
  • I got in on a last minute basis, and received over and above the care that I had expected! Thank you!

    - T.B.
  • Thank you for helping me to function again!!

    - K.H.
  • Everyone was so friendly and caring.

    - J.D.
  • Felt very good and refreshed after my visit. Thank you very much!

    - S.G.
  • Excited to go to my next appointment!

    - P.G.
  • It was a great experience. Now I could recommend other family members to visit this chiropractor.

    - J.V.
  • I felt like Dr. Nielson listened to me and gave me excellent care. I felt so much better immediately.

    - J.J.
  • Very friendly and knowledgeable.

    - C.E.
  • Very informative appointment and patient/helpful provider.

    - R.V.
  • Chiropractor did an amazing job and the assistants were very nice. If your hurt and need an adjustment it’s best place to be.

    - T.D.
  • Dr. Chad and his staff are very friendly and welcoming. Everything was explained to me and they made sure I was comfortable and answered any questions I had.

    - K.G.
  • Staff and facility were very nice! I feel very confident that my years of aches and pains will be gone in no time. Thank you.

    - L.R.
  • Great customer service and willing to get my son in right away. Hoping we get the solutions we are looking for, which gives us hope.

    - T.H.
  • Thank you for seeing me on such a short notice.

    - J. A.
  • Everyones friendly, great atmosphere and walked out feeling terrific!

    - L. J.
  • Impressed with the wide variety of knowledge and equipment available for everyone’s special needs. Very friendly and caring staff.

    - G.L.
  • Thank you for helping me. I feel so much better!

    - T.K.
  • Excited to get started on a new path to health! Happy birthday to me.

    - J.T.
  • Loved it!! It was awesome and I’m definitely returning and will definitely refer people!

    - B.K.
  • It is a wonderful office. Dr. Chad is great and staff is helpful!

    - R.G.
  • Great experience. Excited to come again!

    - R.H.
  • Everyone is very nice and if you have a situation that they haven’t seen before they are very good to listen till you’re finished explaining and then help or give advice where they can.

    - E.H.
  • I truly appreciate Dr. Chad’s willingness to listen to my special needs and adapt to my disabilities. Thank you!

    - N.R.R.

Wonderful Experience

It was a wonderful experience in your office. The staff was friendly and very pleasant and all my concerns were addressed. Thank you.


Very Welcoming

EmilyVery knowledgeable staff. Very welcoming office. I felt like I learned a lot about my body and that is saying something because I have been to other chiropractors and massage therapists, but I really felt like they were confident in what they were doing and in what my body was doing. I am very glad I was introduced to Nielson Family Chiropractic. I am already thankful that I switched!



Dr. Chad was very helpful. He was very good about explaining what he was doing and why. The staff was helpful and made the visit very enjoyable.


Pain Free

I was so doubtful but you really showed that you know what you are doing. So many others have promised to heal me, and after years of pain, I am pain-free!


Looking Forward To My Next Visit

I am a very active person and love to spend my time at the gym but lately, I have not been able to work out properly. In one visit doctor was able to show me that he can change that…looking forward to my next visit!



Nielson Chiropractic is a warm and friendly place. I have only been to a chiropractor one other time, so I was understandably a little nervous. But after a short time, I was able to relax due to the kindness and professionalism of the staff. Dr. Chad Nielson is very personable and put me at ease right away. In addition, he has considerably helped both my husband and my daughter with chronic back issues. In fact, this is the best they both have felt for about a decade! So glad we found this place!


Feeling Young

My back hasn’t felt this young in two years! I am so hopeful even after one day! Maybe I can go back to running again! Never thought that could happen! Thanks! See you soon!


Highly Impressed

I was highly impressed with all of the staff at Nielson Family Chiropractic. They were all friendly and seemed to honestly care about the well being of my family.


Attentive And Knowledgeable

Dr. Chad was very attentive and knowledgeable. All the staff was very sweet and kind. They took a lot of time with me and I didn’t feel rushed through. I am very excited to get feeling better. I wish I would have visited sooner.


Great Experience

I would readily refer friends to your practice! I had a great experience in my first visit and felt like the staff was all caring and concerned about my overall wellness. I look forward to a long and productive relationship with your office in maintaining my optimal health and fitness.


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