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New Patient Reviews

  • I was very impressed with the staff and just how helpful they are.
    - C.A.
  • Very professional and friendly staff. Everything explained very well. Great atmosphere. Loved the Christian music playing.
    - C.M.
  • I loved the through and detailed intake. Everyone was warm, caring and I felt safe. I knew my issues would be handled appropriately. Great job!!
    - D.J.
  • Loved how they listened and the time they took to know what your concerns were.
    - C.J.
  • Very professional practice. Everyone was kind and helpful – it was my first time ever visiting a Chiropractor. Really helped reduce my back pain.
    - F.E.

    Thank you for the time you took to get to know my concerns. I felt so hopeful after my first appointment.

    - L.M.
  • Very impressed by with my first visit. Thank you for a Dr. That makes you feel very comfortable.
    - P.W.
  • Visited a medical Dr, and another chiropractor before I found Dr. Chad, not only did he diagnose properly but I felt much better after the first visit and have great confidence that he will be successful in subsequent visits!
    - D. M.
  • This was the best chiropractic visit I have ever been to! I felt well informed. I was treated so great!
    - J.A.
  • Friendly professional environment!! I enjoyed my visit and recommend using this company.
    - S.B.
  • Felt great after the visit, my arm now works like it used to. Thanks!
    - A.W.
  • I was extremely pleased with my experience. Everyone in the office was efficient, knowledgeable and caring.
    - C.B.
  • Even though I have somewhat of a list of issues I need to work through, after the initial visit I gained my livelihood back. Becoming 100% does not happen overnight, but you will really notice the results right off the bat. Worth every penny!
    - A.W.
  • I was running late and even though I know it probably messed them up they still saw me in a timely manner and gave me a great experience. Very nice and kind staff.
    - H.H.
  • This is my first visit to a chiropractors office and I really didn’t know what to expect. I was very pleased with Nielsen’s Chiropractic and their services. More from T.C. …»
    The entire staff from Dr. Chad Nielson, to Shanna the assistant, to Patricia (just dropping by to check on me), to Destiny at the desk – they were all top notch! I was checked on continually by the staff through every step. Dr. Chad Nielson listened and communicated back at a level (non-medical) that I could understand. I don’t know how my medical needs will play out in the end, but I’m confident in their complete dedication to caring for me and all their patients.
    - T.C.
  • My visit was unlike any other to a chiropractor, it was totally different and pleasant as well. I learned a lot just in the one visit to you. Looking forward to seeing you on Monday.
    - D.T.
  • Everyone was very welcoming and helpful. Great listeners and very knowledgeable.
    - J.H.
  • The staff was excellent and Dr. Nielson’s explanation and treatment was very helpful.
    - T.J
  • Over all I had a very positive experience. I would not hesitate to recommend your services.
    - J.H.
  • Not just Dr. Dodds but EVERY employee I came in contact with was kind, helpful, and knowledgeable. So very impressed with the care I was given. I look forward to continuing to work with all of you!
    - H. K.

Everyone is Friendly and Knowledgeable

The entire staff and doctors are very friendly and knowledgeable. I went in for a bad ankle which the doctor worked on. I felt 90% better the next day and 100% the following day. In addition, I had additional positive side effects from the one treatment. I have had cold hands and feet since a child and since my adjustment, they are warm and normal!!! I would recommend and Doctor Chad Nielsen to everyone!!!

- Margo W.

Appreciated the Individual Care

I really appreciated the individual care I received. I have been to 5 other chiropractors, and this one was the best by far. Always asking if there is anything else I wanted to share, nothing seemed "routine" where they did something because they always did that to everyone. I really felt listened to, and look forward to more visits.

- Tamara P.

Confident in Doctor

I truly appreciated Dr. Scott being able to explain what was going on with my back, but more than that him allowing me to be confident in his abilities as a doctor creating a relationship of trust so that I am assured that my back will be improved over time and after my first visit I was already feeling exponentially better with more energy and happiness because of reduced pain. I would recommend Dr. Scott and above all Nielson Family Chiropractic to anybody who needs help with back pain or is just looking for a simple adjustment. Thank you!

- Jordan R.

Love My Appointments

I love visiting your office! Everyone is always so kind and nice and make us feel like we are close friends. Dr. Chad is always great! He took the time to really ask about our daughter's health history and really explained how things work with the spine and in the body. We didn't feel rushed at all and he was so great with Rory's first adjustment. Explaining to us what he was going to do and how she would react and assured us it was something he would do on his own kids. Thank you!!

- Aurora G.

Finally Have Answers to My Pain

I have been dealing with pain for a very long time and came in for my first visit with the intention of getting help with some neck pain and ended up leaving with finally some hope of relief from that pain, but also feet pains I've been dealing with after two major surgeries. I was blown away by how informative and helpful everyone was. I finally have answers and hope! I left feeling very confident that I am in the right hands. Thank you so much!

- Sara B.

Positive Energy

Very friendly, comfortable, educational staff. A very positive energy in the environment, the exam, and adjustment. I appreciate all the information given, and also I felt that all my questions and communication was heard and addressed. I am extremely happy with my appointment and treatment. I will recommend NFC to everyone!

- TF

Assisted Right Away

Arrived in a lot of pain and was told appointments were 3 weeks out. Seeing my discomfort I was assisted right away. I'm happy to say I walked out feeling much better.

- RF

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